We serve these Spanish dishes in buffet form. In order to work as freshly as possible, we adapt our buffets to the seasonal offer and there may be changes in the composition of your buffet.

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The small snacks of Spanish origin that together provide a complete and tasty meal. Tapas! Very tasty, but we don't eat it very often. Sometimes as Dutch people we like to be in the kitchen for a long time, but making all kinds of different small snacks is not our nature. That is why tapas are so special and extra tasty when we eat it. At Wim's Kip we are a big fan of tapas. That is why you can order a tapas buffet from us or opt for a complete tapas catering. But before you do that, we would like to tell you a bit more about these small taste sensations.


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What are tapas?

As just mentioned, his tapas are small snacks. They originate in Spain where they are still widely eaten. You eat them as a snack, with an alcoholic drink or together to form a complete meal. In the past, tapas mainly consisted of bread, olives and chorizo. Today, there are countless different recipes for these little treats, from culinary creations to homemade specialties. We, from Wim's Kip, have named our tapas the most delicious tapas in Amsterdam. You have come to the right place for delicious tapas catering.


Typical examples of tapas

We always talk about tapas, but we haven't really talked about food yet. That is why you will find four very popular tapas dishes below. When you choose to order a tapas buffet, you can always indicate whether you have favorites, then we will do our best to include them in the buffet. These are some well-known tapas dishes:

  • Tortilla de patatas

A very tasty, thick omelette with potatoes. Sometimes this also includes chorizo, onion or bell pepper. Can be eaten with bread.

  • Patatas bravas

One of the most lacking tapas dishes. These are potato cubes that are fried or fried and then combined with a spicy garlic sauce.

  • Bruscettas

Bread from the grill where garlic is then rubbed. Then tomato comes on and the pan con tomate is finished with olive oil and salt. Delicious!

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The origin of tapas

There are many different theories about the origin of tapas. We know a few things for sure. First, we know that the dish originated in Spain, where it has been commonplace for years. In addition, we know that tapas is translated from the word "tapar", which means cover.

This brings us directly to the first theory regarding the origin. Tapas are said to have originated in hostels and guest houses in Spain. There were, especially during the hot summer days, often many flies that sat on the food and drinks. To counter this, drinks were served with a snack on the rim, so that nothing could fall into the glass and a fly could not take a sip of milk.

A second theory claims that a Spanish king introduced a new law. It said that every alcoholic drink should be served with a snack so that the drink would not rise to the head.

Finally, there is the theory that once again refers us to a Spanish king, Alfonso XIII to be precise. He is said to have stopped at an inn while traveling in the coastal town of Cadiz and ordered a glass of wine. The wind blowing might have allowed sand to get into his glass. An attentive waiter is said to have placed a slice of ham on his glass to prevent this, thus creating today's tapas.

Differences between Spain and the Netherlands

As is the case with many dishes and food traditions, the tapas and associated culture have also been adapted when it came to the Netherlands. As a result, there are a number of differences between how we eat tapas here and people in Spain.

The main difference is that we often eat tapas as a main course, the snacks then form a complete meal. In Spain, they are often snacks or starters. In addition, sharing is often paramount in Spain. They then order all kinds of tapas together and taste each other's choices. We do not always do this in the Netherlands, but it is highly recommended. You will always taste something new and perhaps discover your new favorite snack.

Ideal for parties

A tapas catering is ideal for parties or social gatherings. For example, you can also request tapas from 20 people at Wim's Kip. We provide our tapas catering in Amsterdam, but also in other places throughout the Netherlands. So if you have an occasion, lunch or party, you can easily choose to order tapas snacks. When you contact us, we can advise you and of course immediately include any dietary requirements or allergies in the preparation. So do you want to order a tapas catering? Then you are at the right place at Wim's Kip
The delivery costs depend on the size of your order and the location of the catering. Guidance of your buffet by one or more chefs, price on request. The best tapas can be ordered in Amsterdam, Landsmeer, Purmerend and Zaandam and surroundings.

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