Luxury rolls, wraps and sandwiches

The sandwiches, rolls and wraps (also vegetarian and vegan!) are delicious. On them we put spreads and toppings and of course we make a variety of meat, fish, vegetarian and vegan fillings. For our luxury sandwiches and rolls we use pistolets, bagels, foccacia, waldkorn bol, ciabattas and other delicious freshly baked bread.

We make a very diverse range of sandwiches and rolls for you, such as: Caprese (tomato, buffalo mozzarella and pesto), carpaccio, vitello tonato, filet americain with onion and egg, grilled chicken with bacon, smoked salmon, tuna salad, roast beef with egg , cream cheese with chives, brie with honey and walnut or a healthy vegan sandwich with for example humus and grilled vegatables, vegan cream cheese, avocado and tomato. You can also pass on your wishes to us and we will tailor your lunch.

Minimum purchase € 50.00

Soft rolls each € 1.95
Luxury farmer's sandwiches each € 2.35
Wraps each € 2.35
Luxury freshly baked rolls each € 3.25
Prices are exclusive of VAT

We recommend 2 to 2.5 sandwiches, rolls, wraps per person


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Rolls for a Meeting?
These handy rolls are very easy during a meeting, we cut the luxury rolls in half and put a skewer in it.

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Vegetarian sandwiches Amsterdam
At Wim's Kip, we like to take everyone into account and tailor our menu to the wishes of our customers. Our sandwiches therefore come not only with toppings of animal products, but also with vegetarian or vegan toppings. For our luxury sandwiches we use as much organic vegetarian products and freshly prepared bread as possible.


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