Buffets 10 to 20 persons

Hollands buffet 1

Hot/cold buffet
(from 10 to 20 persons)

Melon with Ardenner ham
Roast beef carpaccio with rocket and truffle dressing

Mixed green salad with feta (V)
Asparagus salad with potato and egg (V)

Freshly smoked Norwegian salmon
Dutch salty herring with onions and pickels

Warm meals
Chicken in satay sauce
Poached salmon with gravad herbs
Potato gratin (V)

Freshly baked baguette with herb butter

Price per person € 19.95
Exclusive of vat

Hollands buffet 2

Italian buffet 
(from 10 to 20 persons)

Melon with Parma ham and caramelized figs
Antipasti, various Italian cold cuts and olives

Caesar salad with grilled chicken, Parmesan cheese and croutons
Tomato and buffalo mozzarella salad with basil (V)
Prawns marinated in garlic oil

Hot dishes
Risotto with garden peas and lime (V)
Lasagna of aubergine and zucchini (V)
Porcetta, crispy roulade filled with basil and pine nuts

Freshly baked Italian bread, herb butter and tapenade

Price per person € 21.85
Exclusive of vat


(from 10 to 20 persons)

Bacon-wrapped grilled green asparagus
Olives marinated according to own recipe (V)
Dish with Mediterranean meats
Spanish Manchego cheese (V)
Spanish garlic potatoes (V)

Gambas in garlic oil

Warm meals
Paella filled with chicken and seafood
Beef meatballs with tomato sauce
Crispy fried chicken 

Freshly baked baguette, garlic bread, herb butter and aioli

Price per person € 16.45
Exclusive of VAT



Fruit salad, Whipped cream
€ 3.95 per person

Cheesecake lemon
€ 3.95 per person

Tarte Tartin
€ 3.95 per person

Tiramisu classic or limoncello
€ 3.95 per person

Panna cotta with a red fruit sauce
€ 3.95 per person

Cheese platter with nut-fig bread and fresh fig chutney
€ 4.95 per person

Prices are exclusive vat

All our buffets are served with freshly baked baguette and herb butter.
In order to work as freshly as possible, we adapt our buffets to the seasonal offer and there may be changes in the composition of your buffet.
Delivery costs depend on the size of your order and the location of the catering.
Guidance of your buffet by one or more chefs, price on request.


Wim's Kip Party en Cateringservice
Oostzanerdijk 143 H
1035 EX Amsterdam

020 48 219 94

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